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Infrared electric heaters

The Goldsun Supra range

We have extended our knowledge of gas fired radiant heaters to electrically generated infrared heat with what we believe to be the most technically sophisticated electric heater you can buy.

Availble in 1.5kW - 4kW  in colours Black, White or Silver.




 Advantages of using electric infrared heaters from Infraglo;


  • Custom designed parabolic reflector - reflects 99% of rays directly towards the target

  • Rustproof body parts - longer lasting

  • IP55 Water resistant - can be used is harsh conditions

  • Instant heat - heats up to 2000°C in 2 seconds

  • Suitable for indoor / outdoor use

  • Compact design - ideal for cafe's & restaurants

  • Increased lamp life and heat intensity - cost effective - can be used on high ceilings

  • Weatherproof - heat is not affected by draughts, strong winds or rain

  • Universal burning position - works in all installation angles

Supra infrared electric heater

Ideal for use; 

  • Cafes & Restaurants

  • Patios & Pergolas

  • Parks & Gardens

  • Camping area

  • Waiting rooms

  • Smoking areas

  • Pool sides & changing areas

  • Factories, workshops, warehouses

  • Exhibition halls

  • Sports halls

  • Animal farms

  • Greenhouses




Goldsun supra electric heater

Why Halogen quartz lamps?

Infraglo's Goldsun electric heaters are equipped with HeLeN tubes which reach up to 2000ºC in only 2 seconds. Quartz heaters work like the sun, radiating their heat to a person or object without heating the air in between. No heat is lost to draughts or high ceilings as the heat is focused and controlled to a particular area.HeLeN infrared quartz lamps project infrared heat which gives off a gentle orange glow.


Heaters installed at Tarboush cafe

Our new range of "supra" infrared electric heaters have been installed at Tarboush cafe In Loughborough.


Supra heater installed at Tarboush cafe


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