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Catering & baking burners

In a similar way to micro-waves, infrared heats, and therefore cooks food by direct absorbtion of radiated energy.  It cooks rapidly, at much higher temperatures than normal grills and heats up much faster. and doesn't dry the food in the process.

Technical info

Ovens cook by convection. Even conventional gas fired grills cook by a mixture of convection and radiation, largely because they operate at a relatively low temperature. 

An infrared radiant grill can operate at much higher temperatures and can sear the surface of a steak while leaving it comparatively rare inside.  It can brown the crust of a loaf of bread without drying out the interior and completely cook thinner items in far less time then conventional baking.

Infraglo's infrared burners are widely used for catering equipment such as


  • grills
  • rotisseries
  • frying ranges
  • griddles
  • kebab machines
  • naan and pitta bread ovens
  • wok burners
  • bainsmarie steamers
  • boiling units
  • coffee roasters

We welcome enquiries from manufacturers of such equipment.





page last updated: 27/11/2018

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